Google Maps Placement

Put your company on the map! Google Maps that is. No need to spend thousands of dollars on Yellow Pages, when you can get to the first page of Google’s search results on their targeted local maps section.

Our Google Maps Placement service will create and maintain your stronghold in your local market generating more search traffic utilizing one of the fastest growing search mediums.

Google Local Maps Results

Google Local Maps Results

Our Experienced Google Maps Placement team will properly list and optimize your business on Google Maps. Over time, we’ll have your listing placed higher while expanding your geographic relevance even further, reaching a wider customer base.

Why go through all of the trouble and effort when our expert staff can do all the work for you, allowing time to work on your business rather than spending countless hours trying to appease Google? We understand the numerous factors that weigh in on how high your business is placed in the search results, saving you the costly trial and error.

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With our Google Maps Placement service, you’ll gain:

  • Laser Targeted Google Maps Placement and Service Area Expansion
  • Your business properly listed on Google Maps
  • Long Term increase in geographic relevancy

Continued Service:

* Keywords Relevancy: Moving you higher up the list of businesses on the map

* Geographic Relevancy: expands your circle of where searchers are shown your business. For example, if Google thinks your customers can only come from a 5 mile radius, they’ll only show you on the map in a small geographic circle. If you want Google to show you on their map to potential customers from farther away, you need to prove and increase your Geographic Relevance to Google.

* We will continue adding your local listing to additional local directories.

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