Targeted Email Marketing

One very important thing that EVERY business needs is a form of email marketing.

Now rest assured that we are NOT talking about email blasting thousands of non targeted and unwilling email addresses (commonly known as SPAM); we are talking about sending targeted emails to your existing clients, and potential clients, that are part of your database and provided by the customers themselves.

Having your own database of clients that you can access over and over is the most cost effective online marketing strategies available today.  It is also one of the biggest assets of your business. Targeted email marketing will cut your advertising costs down significantly and allow you to easily track your Return On Investment (ROI). (Can you do that with the Yellow Pages?)

This is a service that can be added to any existing business and website or integrated with any site that we create for you. We will manage the list and provide all the needed email templates. If you need assistance with the sales copy and follow-up material to be sent to your list, we can do that too.

Our team will go over and set up all the details to start collecting and maintaining your customer’s contact emails.  We will then analyze and work with you to start utilizing that database to drive targeted traffic to your business.  Imagine being able to inform your clients instantly of a special offer or special event with the touch of a button instead of having to create an advertisement and printing and mailing it out to a mailing list and waiting for it to go out (not alone the additional cost to do this).

Let’s get started.

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